So after hearing that Zoflora is all the rage, I decided to try some out. I am not an avid cleaner, but do what needs doing. I needed something to get me a bit more enthusiastic about it, so thought I would try something that is quite on-trend to wet my appetite. 

I found the Zoflora at my local Jack Fultons on offer. So I got three scents; the lavender the country garden and the bouquet. I came home actually excited to get the water on, get this disinfectant in it and do some cleaning. You only need a really small amount of this disinfectant. 

The smell of the one I tried, bouquet, is absolutely divine. It filled the entire room. I used it to wipe down the cupboard fronts, the work services, and then went into the living room and used it to damp dust all the surfaces. The entire ground floor then smelt absolutely gorgeous for about three hours.

This product is really really good, you don’t need much, it’s very cheap, it’s hugely on trend and I love it. I will certainly be buying this product every single time. I would say it’s the best disinfectant around!

I’d certainly give the Zoflora our Big Stamp of Approval and this is available to purchase now at Amazon and Wilko.



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