Young And Gay Or Bi? Find Out All You Need To Know When You’re Out And About

Terrence Higgins Trust has redesigned and relaunched its guide for young gay and bisexual men. Out and About uses five characters to help illustrate some of the issues young men face when thinking about coming out.

Richard Scholey, Gay Men’s Resouces Officer at THT said: “We’ve aimed the booklet at men under 25, but the content is particularly relevant for and suited to teenagers. We spoke to lots of young gay and bisexual men who had recently come out, and the content reflects their views in the way it’s presented and the messages it contains. The booklet uses five characters to help illustrate the issues it covers, and aims to get information across in a peer-to-peer fashion.”

Topics covered by the booklet reflect issues which young men identified as being most important, and include:

  • deciding to tell someone about your sexuality
  • possible reactions people may have
  • meeting other gay and bisexual people
  • sex and relationships
  • answers to sexual health questions
  • Young and gay or bi? Find out all you need to know when you’re Out and About

Richard continued: “Because it’s free of explicit language or images, Out and About is also suitable for use in schools, youth groups and other settings. It also includes referral information for other sources of information and support, including helplines, youth groups and websites.”

Out and About is being publicised through Young People Now magazine, and information on the booklet is also being mailed out to relevant teachers’ bodies, advice agencies, and others whose work brings them into contact with young men.


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