Winter Warmer Bouquet

Flowers, candles and chocolate are in my top 10 of favourite things. Imagine my excitement when I was sent a beautiful package from Prestige Flowers which contained those wonderful things. 

Delivery was perfectly on time and as expected. The box which arrived was strong enough to support the three items and also kind enough to look after and care for the beautiful flowers that were inside. On opening the package I saw the pretty sight of the Christmas flowers. A mixture of white roses, lilies, greenery and golden props. What a treat. There was only one of the flowers that wasn’t successful at making the vase due to a little bit of damage in the box but that was minimal. The colour theme of the flowers is pleasing to the eye and complements the Christmas decorations in my living room, lots of green, gold and creams.  

The chocolates (four smooth milk chocolate truffles in a neat box) are of a very good standard. Not the best I’ve ever had but delicious all the same. 

As a candle lover the candle was probably the most exciting part of this box for me. For a start it is a Shearer candle and I would highly recommend this brand. There are an extremely popular brand and not cheap so no expense spared here for Prestige. It is also Christmas themed with the flavour being cranberry and ginger in red wax, encased in seasonal red glass. I have now had the candle on for a few nights and you just have an instant Christmas cheer scent filling the room, fabulous. 

This is the second product that I have reviewed from Prestige and the second time that I will be giving them a solid rating. They don’t seem to disappoint. Well packaged, cute finishing touches and quality products. 

These guys are getting to the top of their game with what they deliver and certainly are a brand that will stick in the mind when considering gifts in future. Well done Prestige!

Winter Warmer Bouquet is available to buy at Prestige Flowers.

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