wayOUT Changes Nature of Giving to LGBTQ+ Charities

wayOUT, leader in LGBTQ+ philanthropy, is expanding its goal of changing the nature of giving by hosting its Second Annual Gayla at Public Works in San Francisco September 20th, 2018 at 6:30PM. wayOUT hopes to expand on the success of their Inaugural Gayla in which they raised over $127K for the Magic City Acceptance Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

wayOUT’s founders sprang into action upon learning the results of the 2016 Presidential election – while disheartened by the results, they feared most for LGBTQ+ youth living in the most highly-rejecting areas of the US. Rather than focus on areas close to home, wayOUT altered the typical paradigm of giving, focusing their efforts on alternative areas within the US in which they saw the most need. In doing so, wayOUT fills the gap in outreach by the current administration as it relates to LGBTQ+ youth and their care – both mental and physical.

“Our vision is to open 20 wayOUT chapters by 2027, where each city chapter partners with local LGBTQ+ youth centers across America,” said Jonathan Anderson, President & Co-Founder of wayOUT. “In that time, we aim to support 50 organizations that directly serve highly marginalized LBGTQ+ youth populations in the US.” wayOUT’s first chapter in San Francisco successfully created a Youth Homelessness program at their first partner organization, with hopes of re-homing 10+ LGBTQ+ youth annually who were displaced due to their sexuality.

For more information and to help contribute to the wayOUT cause, visit: www.wayout.lgbt


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