Upping Sticks, New City, New Home

Packing up and moving to a new city sounds fun right, an adventure? Something that a lot of people from small towns, villages might always dream of, aspire to even? Growing up, especially as a teenager I always heard. “I can’t wait to get out of here” “I can’t wait to leave this city” Although I knew I wanted to travel and see the world, I loved my City, my home. I was and still am proud to come from Hull.

I didn’t leave because I hate it, or that I believe there are better places, I mean of course there are better places, let’s be real! There are places where it’s always summer or places where the city centre is still thriving after 5pm and definitely places where you feel more ‘cosmopolitan’. Though living life on the Hull marina definitely had a French Rivera feel on lovely sunny days. Just with brown water and pattie & chips instead of A la Carte and Champagne. I’d take the pattie & chips with chip spice any day actually!

I left because other opportunities came up, I fell in love with a South Yorkshire lass against my will and it was a better location for working freelance. Sheffield is right in the centre of everywhere I need to get to. Leeds and Manchester are not far at all. Hull is only an hour away and it has better links to the Big Smoke. You’d be hard pushed to get a train from Hull at all at the moment, let alone to London. But hey… this isn’t going to be a Hull Trains or Northern Rail rant! But if you are reading this, sort it out guys! Sick of seeing the tweets slagging ya’ll off!

People have said to me, “Ain’t you brave” or “I couldn’t do it”. Some people have outright just asked, “Why?”

And you know what? It was a little scary, I did worry, I questioned things over and over, wrote pros and cons list. Talked to my family and friends and mulled it over an adult beverage or six. It is hard leaving family and friends, being in a new city, not essentially alone as I live with my partner and her two boys. But alone in the sense of, they are the only folks I knew at first. Nobody I knew was here. So yeah, some days can feel strange when you look at what life used to be like. But I’m a girl who’s always liked an adventure and believe that if you ain’t a little bit scared, then your life is boring and needs shaking up. So get both those feet and jump in!

I’ve loved exploring a new city! I’m happy when I’m outdoors and enjoy having a good nosey around a place. From simple things like finding new coffee houses and hipster hangouts. To explore what’s on the doorstep countryside wise, and with the Peaks being our neighbour, there is so much to adventure around that a Sunday explore with our lass get’s me well giddy.

Networking and meeting new, like-minded people has been so refreshing. I love the creative community back in Hull and still work with them all closely. But expanding that network and making new connections is not to be scoffed at. Sheffield is the largest Theatre complex outside of London, and the bonus… it’s still in Yorkshire! I’ve been to a few networking events now, I’ve been to see stuff at the crucible and scratch nights at The Cellar. Just yesterday I drove up to Leeds for an introduction meeting with some of the Playhouse team, but I’m keeping that under my hat. Between me and you, Sheffield and Leeds seem to have a funny relationship? Beat if I know? All I know is, I really enjoy getting around and meeting new creative’s. It’s extremely inspiring.

My advice to anyone thinking about upping sticks and moving to a new place, what or where ever that may be. I’d say go for it, what’s the worst that could happen. You can always go back home!

Or for those who have maybe recently moved and are finding it difficult, get social! Social media, chat with people, groups online and get out and meet them. If you’ve got a hobby or interest look towards that. If you are creative, there is always a community you can contact, I know this first hand… if you’re into metal detecting or free running… I’m not so sure? I’ve not looked myself but I’m betting there is something for everyone in any place that they are or are going. Be positive and not negative and the law of attraction will take’s its course.

Failing that, Netflix is on fire at the moment! Who’s loving The Haunting of Hill House… creepy shizz eh?


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