UK Supreme Court discriminates against women and LGBTs

Commenting on the sexism and homophobia of Britain’s new Supreme Court title system, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said:

“It’s deeply offensive that Supreme Court judges have a title system that discriminates against women and gay people. The highest court in the land should reflect the principle of universal equality.

“Although the wives of male Supreme Court judges will be granted the title of Lady, the husbands of female Supreme Court judges will not be given the title of Lord. The civil partners off lesbian, gay and bisexual Supreme Court justices are deemed ineligible for any title.

“Patriarchy, misogyny and heterosexism have been embedded at the very top of our justice system.

“This overt discrimination sends out the wrong message. When inequality is enshrined at the heart of the Supreme Court, it does not inspire confidence that this institution is committed to non-discrimination.

“It is absurd that feudal titles are being conferred on Supreme Court justices at a time when the government has modernised the justice system and is preparing to reform the House of Lords,” said Mr Tatchell.


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