UK Gay Community Being Targetted By Anti-Pirates

Only weeks after the consumer magazine Which? exposed the case of a Scottish couple wrongly accused by London law firm Davenport Lyons of downloading and making available a video game on a file sharing network, an online forum has unearthed what looks to be a deliberate plot by a company called Digiprotect to upload gay pornography films to file sharing networks, wait for them to be downloaded then instruct solicitors to send letters demanding money from downloaders or face court action.

Steve Lawson, editor for Hellmail the postal industry news site said:

“Clearly this isn’t about protecting the rights of copyright holders at all but about exploiting the copyright act to make money. Innocent people are getting caught up in this as Which? proved recently. According to a leaked document, a contract between Evil Angel (an American gay porn film company) and Digiprotect was made so that Digiprotect secured the rights to make around 50 gay pornogrpahy films available via P2P file sharing networks with the sole purpose of entrapping people.”

“Frankly this entire business look seedy and more and more like an extorion racket. It is seriously undermining the legal profession in the UK. The general consensus by UK internet providers was that they would prefer to send warning letters to anyone thought to be infringing copyright and the tactics being used by Davenport Lyons have already been thrown out by some European countries. Even allowing for a downturn in the economy, if the legal profession sink to this kind of thing, then it will make a mockery of the entire industry.”

“We have a copy of the leaked document, which, if it proves to be genuine, and all the indications are that it is genuine, this issue needs to be brought to the attention of the government immediately.” he said.


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