Try Something Different, with GMFA’s Guide to Lgbt Sports and Social Clubs

Have you ever wondered if there is anything more interesting to do than spend time in that bar, club, or on that website? Do you fancy playing a sport in a fun, sociable group with other gay, bisexual or transgender men and women? If so, then GMFA’s new guide to LGBT sports, social and activity clubs is for you.

The ‘Out For Sport & Out For Fun’ booklet from GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, hits the scene this week and includes details of LBGT sports clubs and activity groups across London. As well as updating details for established clubs, it includes lots of new ones that have been set up since GMFA last published its guide in 2006. GMFA has also relaunched an online version at, which now includes listings of groups across the UK.

Matthew Hodson, Head of Programmes at GMFA, says: “The gay scene can be great for socialising with other gay men and lesbians but it’s by no means the only option. There are so many other ways to meet like-minded people and we want to encourage men and women to get out there and try something a bit different. So, whether you already have an interest or a sport, or you’d like to try a new one, give it a go!”

Maybe you want to try your hand at Ju-Jitsu, badminton or football, or go outward bound with a gay outdoor group. Perhaps you want to take up singing or dancing, or share your interest in classic cars or film. You’ll find details of these clubs and plenty more in the booklet and on the website.

If none of the groups listed take your fancy, GMFA will even help you set up a new one yourself. Just email them at to get a copy of their guide to setting up and running a successful social group or sports club.

Matthew adds: “That so many new clubs have started up in the last few years is great for the gay community. We hope to hear from many more so that we can add them to our website and help them to share their passions.”

GMFA’s The Guide website and booklet is funded by The National Lottery, Awards For All.


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