Transsexual Wins Scrabble Crown

Wearing a pink wig and matching PVC dress, Mikki Nicholson, from Cumbria, has been crowned as the national Scrabble champion.

Mikki, 32, who said he has been diagnosed by a psychologist as a woman trapped in a man’s body, appeared for the final with lipstick, manicured nails, and a hint of stubble. His pink plastic dress was trimmed with black lace. “I’m thrilled and I can’t wait to celebrate.” he added.

Mikki has said he will spend the £1,500 prize money on a trip to Malaysia to compete in December’s Causeway Scrabble Challenge.

Mikki has not undergone any surgery for his condition, began playing scrabble on the internet just five years ago.

Mr Nicholson, who is unemployed, was up against four-time champion Mark Nyman, a wordsmith who has spent time in Dictionary Corner on Channel 4’s Countdown.

An 86-point word “obeisant”, meaning respect, proved crucial in the deciding fifth game, picking up an extra 50 points for using all the letters.

His victor said: “It was a big challenge but I wouldn’t have entered if I didn’t think I had a chance of winning. I’m thrilled to have won and I can’t wait to celebrate.”

Other instrumental words played in the final in London included “inficete” (not witty), “oceanaut” (undersea explorer) and “winna” (will not).


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