Tory Mp Leads The Way At Norwich Pride

She also led the LGBTory contingent in the parade, with record numbers of Conservative activists taking part in the event, which also had a record number of attendees this year.

Matthew Sephton, Chairman of LGBTory, the Conservative LGBT group, commented:

“It was a brilliant day and it was great to have Chloe join us in the parade. The Conservatives have the biggest number of openly-LGBT MPs in the House of Commons but to have MPs, whether they identify as LGBT or not, actively supporting Pride events like the one in Norwich this weekend, is excellent.

“Chloe Smith not only spoke in the panel debate, marched with us in the parade, but staffed an LGBTory stall well into the afternoon, where she was promoting the Government’s proposals for equal marriage. Everyone had an enjoyable time, while also highlighting the important messages that Pride events continue to have for the LGBT community across our country and throughout the world.”


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