Tory Gay Group support LGBT Labour in action against homophobia

LGBTory, the Conservative LGBT Group, today expressed their support for the LGBT Labour group in their action against homophobia.

The support comes after LGBT Labour, following their AGM, arrived at the Green Coat Boy pub in Westminster and refused service BECAUSE they are an LGBT group, despite them having made a booking. It is even reported that the manager said he would have refused the booking had he known it was an LGBT group!

Matthew Sephton, Chairman of LGBTory, commented:

“I am appalled that any LGBT group should be treated in such a manner. This is a disgraceful homophobic and bigoted attitude towards fellow LGBTs and it is completely unacceptable. LGBTory, the Conservative LGBT group, fully supports LGBT Labour in their swift action in involving the police and will push for justice for both their group and for LGBT people generally.”

Matthew continued:

“I immediately contacted the pub chain last night to lodge a formal complaint, as well as emailing Cllr Audrey Lewis, Chair of the Westminster City Council Licensing Committee responsible for granting this pub their licence. We as a group have also raised the issue with Conservative MP, Mark Field, whose constituency the Green Coat Boy is in. It is vital that LGBT people across the political spectrum unite to fight homophobia and we as an organisation have pledged to do all that we can to support LGBT Labour in this appalling case.”

LGBTory was quickly onto the case last night, showing support by urging their group members to make a complaint as well as by using their account to reach their hundreds of followers. LGBT Labour Committee member, James Asser, responded to the support from their Conservative-supporting counterparts by stating that it is “appreciated”.


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