Tory Councilor suspended over homophobic comments

A Conservative Wirral councillor has been suspended by his group over claims he posted a homophobic comment on the social networking website, Facebook.

Catholic Councilor Knowles, 60, wrote on his page: “an unusual group of boys leafleting in Seacombe this weekend, of the limpwristed variety and definitely NOT local”.

The remarks were intended for the gay Labour activists.

Labour MP Angela Eagle, the only open lesbian within Parliament, wrote a letter to David Cameron asking for Knowles to be disciplined for his anti-gay comments.

Mr. Knowles made a statement referring to his comments: “I would like to officially apologise for any offence I might have given to anyone with comments I have made on this site.

“I removed said comment as soon as I realised that I might have inadvertently upset someone.

“I have never held views that could be construed as being homophobic. I am proud to say that I serve all of the people regardless of colour, creed or sexual preferences.”

Local Tory leader, Cllr Jeff Green, recently suspended Knowles over the comment. A conservative spokesman said about the decision:

“The Conservative Party has changed and, by this swift action, we have demonstrated that change.”

“I was most disappointed to read Cllr Knowles’s words. Comments like these are totally inappropriate.”


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