THT receives £80K grant from HBOS Foundation

The two-year project will fund a Debt Advisor based in THT’s centre in the Midlands, who will run training sessions and offer one-to-one consultancy to help people living with HIV in the Midlands manage their finances. A range of leaflets and online factsheets will also be produced to help people living with HIV across the country who may be experiencing financial hardship.

Being diagnosed with HIV can often lead to financial hardship – some people lose their jobs or are unable to work due to ill health. Improved anti-viral drugs now mean that people living with HIV often have a good life expectancy, but life with HIV is not always easy. Debt is often far down the list of priorities after the pressing concerns of health, family and welfare.

The HBOS Foundation seeks to work with charitable and ‘not-for-profit’ organisations across the UK , which support people and their local communities. THT Midlands has been running money management services for the last two years, but is now unable to meet the demand for the service. This grant from the HBOS Foundation will allow the charity to offer both financial advice and support to people living with HIV in the UK .

Joan Hemmery from the HBOS Foundation said:

“We know that there is a link between ill health and poverty, and that managing finances can be especially difficult for people living with HIV. By working with Terrence Higgins Trust we hope to break this vicious cycle and give people the support they need to have more control over their finances and their future.”

Tina Prashar, Regional Manager for THT Midlands said:

“We’re delighted to have the support of the HBOS Foundation to fund our debt management project. Debt is a big problem for our clients and these new training and support services will really help. Financial worries are just one of the uncertainties that people living with HIV have to cope with, but getting these under control will make a real difference.”


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