The Valleys – We’re Sorry

Since The Valleys launched it has been an unprecedented success becoming MTV’s 2nd highest ratings franchise in its UK history.

However, the reality show, which follows youngsters from ‘the valleys’ as they move to the capital city of Wales, Cardiff, to live out their dreams, caused a stir and created controversy when it first aired last September.

As a result, the cast of the new series, which starts on Tuesday the 30th of April at 10pm on MTV, felt that it was only right to hold a press conference to apologise in advance for the certain offence their behaviour will cause in the new series.

Here’s what happened:

Series 2 sees the arrival of double trouble identical twins and go-go dancers Jason and Anthony, and the second they enter the house with their toned bodies, eye catching body art and dangerously low v-necks they cause major ructions. The twins are welcomed with open arms by The Valley girls but just how will the existing boys take to a bit of friendly competition?

As for all the others, having tasted the high life, they are keener than ever to get out of their home towns once more to pursue their dreams in Cardiff but it’s not going to be an easy ride as bosses AK and Jordan are determined that this time around it’s less about the boozing and more about making it as brands. Those who aren’t prepared to work hard to achieve their career aspirations are in for a rough ride as it’s time to shape up or ship out. Who will rise to the challenge and who will fail?

The Valley’s series 2 starts on Tuesday the 30th of April at 10pm only on MTV


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