“The team will continue to play …..even if we have to play on ploughed fields”

85 years ago, women footballers played in stadiums watched by thousands, in places such as Stamford Bridge, Goodison, and St. James Park. Over 60,000 people watched International matches held between the French and English women, players who featured on cinema news broadcasts and had cigarette cards made in their image. A young superstar named Lily Parr ignited the public imagination and drew the highest praise imaginable from male contemporaries and the football loving public.

Then the English FA inexplicably banned the women from their pitches, saying the game of football was “quite unsuitable for females.”

But Lily’s manager didn’t give up and took the team across the Atlantic. Banned once again on their arrival in Canada by the Canadian football authorities, they toured the USA.

In Regents Park, on 15 February 2009, teams from England, USA and France will convene to honour LGBT icon, Lily Parr and the heroics of the women who battled on against the ban. Organised by LLKA and Camden LGBT Forum. A Camden LGBT History Month project sponsored by Camden Council.


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