The Mayor invites bids for five-year Pride sponsorship deal

Boris Johnson has announced today that he wants a community based organisation to manage the capitals annual Pride celebrations under a five-year sponsorship deal.

Pride in past years has attracted over one million people to the capital from across the UK and around the world.
Today Boris announced that he would give £500,000, use of Trafalgar Square and assistance from a GLA events officer in a sponsorship deal.

City Hall is inviting “non-profit community based organisations” to submit their interest in running the event for the five years from 2013.

City Hall also say although the annual funding on offer remains the same, organisers would benefit because “there is a commitment over five years, rather than on an annual basis” as is currently the case.

In a statement, Mayor Johnson said: “London’s Pride celebrations are a key event in our city’s cultural calendar. They attract not just Londoners, but people from across the UK and around the world, contributing to a tourism sector that generates billions for our economy and creates thousands of jobs.

London Assembly Member Darren Jones said the Mayor should await the outcome of the Assembly’s investigation into Pride Londons scaling back of the 2012 event before entering any long-term funding agreements.

More information on Mayor Boris Johnsons decision to tender Pride london can be seen on


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