The Feeling to release new recording of ‘Rosé’

Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey has chosen The Feeling’s classic track ‘Rosé’ as the soundtrack to the global Burberry Body fragrance ad campaign.

This exciting collaboration sees the award-winning quintet working closely with the British luxury brand, much to the delight of frontman

Dan Gillespie Sells. “They have a great connection with music so this feels like a bona fide artistic endeavor – I did a shoot for Burberry a few years ago and I have always admired their tailoring,” he says.

Written and produced by Dan, a reworked version of the track was recorded with the Langley Sisters at Abbey Road Studios over the summer and is currently available to buy from iTunes.

“Christopher liked my original piano vocal version and I wanted to do something special with it so we went to Abbey Road and recorded it with strings,” he says. “I’ve kept it very simple but the strings give it a feeling of refinement and also heighten the emotions in the song. It’s great that ‘Rosé’ has been rediscovered like this because it has always been a favourite with our fans.”

Shot by Mario Testino in London and starring British actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the fragrance’s TV campaign video can be

Viewed on the brand’s YouTube channel

The official music video for the track, also recorded at Abbey Road studios, will be released from 10th October.

The TV ad will reach our screens in November.


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