Terrence Higgins Trust launches new gay youth group for Nuneaton

The group will be both social and educational, aiming to provide social support to help young LGBT people gain confidence, and give important information about sex, sexual health, drugs and alcohol.

John Toman, Health promotion specialist for gay men at Terrence Higgins Trust Midlands said:

“There’s real value in gay youth groups as some young gay people don’t feel they can be themselves in other groups and may not even feel safe. Schools and colleges can be very homophobic places and young people can find themselves hiding their sexuality to fit in and be accepted.”

“Young gay people often haven’t had any sex education in school that meets their needs and are at greater risk from sexually transmitted infections because of a lack of basic sex knowledge.”

Paul Sanderson, West Midlands South Strategic Health Authority said: “Despite increasing social tolerance, evidence shows that lesbian, gay and bisexual people are likely to have poorer health than the wider population.”

John Callwood, Director of Workforce Development and Nursing at North Warwickshire PCT said: “Establishing groups like these are a key step in improving the health of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people. Initiatives such as GYGL address both social inclusion and the health education needs of this community. We can cut the cost of future NHS treatments by addressing their needs now.”

Young people interested in joining GYGL Nuneaton should contact John Toman at Terrence Higgins Trust Midlands on 024 7622 9292.


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