Switzerland Tourism Becomes First GayComfort Certified National Tourism Authority

Switzerland Tourism (the official tourism office for Switzerland) has become the first national tourism organisation to join the GayComfort training and certification program.

Switzerland Tourism is making membership in the GayComfort program available to all interested hotels across Switzerland. This initiative is in line with Switzerland Tourism’s continuing commitment to delivering industry-leading levels of hospitality and welcoming service to all visitors.

All GayComfort certified properties will be listed on www.MySwitzerland.com/gaylesbian and staff will have undertaken dedicated online training on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) travel issues.

Switzerland Tourism is the first tourism office to offer such specialized LGBT training for interested hotels on a national basis.

Individual cities – such as Berlin, Stockholm, Nice, Helsinki, Manchester and Australia’s Gold Coast – have already implemented GayComfort training for their tourism industries, but Switzerland Tourism is the first tourist board to do so in locations right across the country.

The goal of GayComfort training is to help LGBT travelers ‘know before they go’, that the welcome they receive when staying at hotels will be genuine, friendly and understanding. The program does this by providing online training to staff – in four languages – on key travel concerns, as expressed by LGBT travellers in consumer research studies. Research data collected in 18 countries from almost 40,000 respondents to the ‘Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study’, reveals that three out of four respondents actively seek to stay with a genuinely gay-welcoming hotel.

GayComfort also teaches industry staff how to avoid stereotyping gay travellers, and emphasizes the diversity that exists within the LGBT customer group.

Increasingly destinations and countries are targeting the lucrative LGBT market with ever more tempting and glossy advertising campaigns.

However, making sure that the actual customer service received on holidays is as welcoming as the advertising promised it would be is what now defines market-leading destinations in the world of LGBT tourism. This is precisely the solution delivered by the GayComfort program for Switzerland Tourism.

“Here in Switzerland we are a very progressive and tolerant country which is genuinely gay and lesbian welcoming, and we take that very seriously,” says Urs Eberhard, Executive Vice President Markets & Meetings for Switzerland Tourism. “We want to make sure that the welcome our LGBT visitors receive is of the highest possible standard, and is in line with our international reputation for industry-leading levels of customer service. Our decision to make GayComfort training and certification available to all interested properties across our country is entirely in keeping with this approach.”

The GayComfort training and certification program is an initiative developed and managed by specialist global LGBT marketing agency, Out Now.

“LGBT travelers have become increasingly wary after several recent cases of discrimination by frontline hotel staff towards LGBT customers,” says Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now. “It is no longer enough to claim to be ‘gay-friendly’ without delivering on the promises made. LGBT customers want what every traveller wants. They want to know before they go that they can relax and be themselves on vacation, and that the staff who serve them are comfortable with that. Hotels, tourist attractions and destinations which demonstrate that they genuinely want to deliver great customer service to this market are the ones that will succeed.”

“Bad experiences for LGBT customers can go viral on social media very quickly and create negative publicity undoing any gains made by expensive gay advertising campaigns,” Johnson adds. “If destinations are serious about delivering high quality levels of customer service for everyone, then training industry staff to better understand LGBT travelers’ concerns is the best way to do this. For four years Out Now’s GayComfort program has been helping our partners to do exactly that, and we look forward to working with Switzerland Tourism to bring world-class levels of LGBT staff training to their industry.”


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