Stonewall’s 40th Anniversary to Be Celebrated in Brighton and Hove

Pride in Brighton & Hove and Brighton Ourstory have joined forces to mount a special event to mark the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York.
The event on Saturday 27th June will include speeches from those in the Gay Liberation Front, a video of the Stonewall events and an exhibition at Hove Library. It opens at 6pm.

Pride in Brighton and Hove trustee Kath Browne, who has helped organize the event said: “40 years ago drag queens and butch dykes were celebrating Judy Garland’s life in New York’s Stonewall bar when the New York Police decided to mount a raid. Enraged the patrons resisted the police and rioted in the street for days.

“Those riots marked a key moment in LGBT visibility and had international effects. The first Pride marches commemorating the Stonewall riots marked the start of the dykes on bikes and international commemorating marches across the globe – a tradition kept alive and well by Pride in Brighton and Hove.”


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