Stonewall Youth Event inspires young gay people

Ninety lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people aged 16 – 25 attended Stonewall’s annual Youth Event at London’s City Hall at the weekend.

The day, supported by V, is designed to ensure young people know how to make the most out of being gay in England in 2010. This year the event was planned and run by a committee of Stonewall Youth Volunteers.

The young people came from across the country and heard from a panel of speakers including motor sports champ Michael Hill, Diva Editor Jane Czyzselska, Stonewall Youth Campaigner of the Year Danny Fryer, Goldman Sachs Managing Director of Corporate Services Gavin Wills and Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Mandy McBain.

The day also included a series of workshops specifically designed for the needs of LGB young people on careers, sex and relationships. The day finished with an interactive theatre experience led by Rikki Beadle-Blair, writer and director of FIT – Stonewall’s film for schools.

Stonewall Youth Coordinator Laurie Oliva said: ‘It was great to have this year’s Stonewall Youth Event organised by young people themselves. The young people who attend often tell us they lack confidence – usually because their self-esteem has been knocked by homophobic bullying. By the end of the day these same young people thank us enthusiastically for the opportunity to meet so many other people just like them from across the country, and to engage in activities that encourage them to feel much more positive about their sexual orientation.’


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