Stonewall says ‘It gets better … today!’

Critical message for young people facing homophobic bullying

Stonewall has launched a new campaign reassuring gay school pupils that they don’t have to wait for things to get better in their lives – they can be great now. In Britain we have partnership rights, the right to serve in the military and the right to have children. Our government is committed to tackling homophobic bullying and many schools, supported by Stonewall’s Education for All campaign, are taking bold steps to do just that.

A series of clips have already been filmed and are at Newsreader Jane Hill and MP Diane Abbott are among those who will be filming clips for the campaign in the next 48 hours and anyone can add their own by making a video response to those uploaded at: or contacting

Supporting the campaign, writer Sarah Waters said: ‘If you’re experiencing homophobic bullying, Stonewall can help you. Schools across the country now have their ‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’ posters and a range of Stonewall materials to help them tackle the issue head-on. So teachers have no more excuses for tolerating homophobic bullying, and schools no longer have to be scary places for lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. Things are getting better – right now.’

The films build on a new US campaign featuring people from school teachers to Barack and Michelle Obama telling lesbian, gay and bisexual young people that things will eventually get better. Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of Stonewall said ‘At Stonewall we now work with hundreds of schools and employers who are making sure things do get better for gay people, right away. Working together, we can make it happen.’


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