Stonewall runs training weekend for youth volunteers

This weekend, 27 young people aged 16 – 21 were trained by Stonewall to run their own campaigns in their local communities to tackle homophobia and homophobic bullying in schools.

The V-funded training weekend took place in Buckinghamshire and young people came from all over the country to participate. The weekend consisted of campaign workshops, public speaking coaching and team building games.

Laurie Kay, Stonewall’s Youth Co-ordinator, said: ‘The young people love these special training weekends. It gives them the chance to really get involved with Stonewall’s campaign to tackle homophobic bullying in schools. They also get to meet other people their age who are keen to campaign for an end to homophobia. There were a few tears when people said goodbye at the end of the weekend, though!’

The young people were given resource packs – including the new FIT DVD – Stonewall’s anti-homophobia film for schools. Each young person will be supported by Stonewall-trained youth leaders over the next 6 months while they put their campaign plans into action. Their campaigns in local schools, colleges and communities will help Stonewall to tackle the homophobic bullying that recent research has shown to be widespread in Britain.


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