Stonewall responds to Labour Party Manifesto 2010

Following the launch of the Labour party’s 2010 election manifesto, Stonewall today welcomed three election pledges that impact directly on lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain.

Fairness at work

‘New legislation and the Equality and Human Rights Commission will ensure that people are not held back at work because of their gender, age, disability, race and religious or sexual orientation. The new Equality Act will be enforced, promoting fairness across our society. The public duty to promote equality of opportunity is being extended.’ (Page 2:4)


‘More will be invested in anti-bullying interventions including tackling homophobic bullying.’ (Page 3:5)

Incitement to hatred

‘Labour is proud to be the party that legislated first to criminalise incitement to racial hatred, religious hatred, and homophobic hatred – and we will reverse the Tory attempt to undermine this latest legislation, invoking the Parliament Act if necessary to force it through.’ (Page 5:4)

Stonewall will be responding to all of the main party manifestoes as they are published.

For more info on Stonewall’s election campaign –


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