Star Trek Boss Regrets Omitting Gay Plots

Star Trek writer/producer Brannon Braga regrets leaving gay characters out of the sci-fi franchise, insisting it was “a shame” the futuristic show failed to incorporate a wider range of sexualities.

The screenwriter admits his creative team often contemplated introducing an openly gay character to a Star Trek film or TV series, but they repeatedly decided against the idea.

And Braga regrets failing to explore that final frontier.

This despite the fact that in 1991 Gene Roddenberry told The Advocate that the fifth season of The Next Generation would at least show gay crewmembers as part of ship life. Unfortunately, Roddenberry died that year and none of the subsequent episodes featured gay people at all.

He tells, “It was a shame for a lot of us that… I’m talking about the (TV shows) Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and there was a constant back and forth about well, how do we portray the spectrum of sexuality?

“There were people who felt very strongly that we should be showing casually, you know, just two guys together in the background in (starship lounge) Ten Forward.

“At the time the decision was made not to do that and I think those same people would make a different decision now because I think, you know, that was 1989… I have no doubt that those same creative players wouldn’t feel so hesitant to have, you know, have been squeamish about a decision like that.”


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