Space Youth Project issue invitation to Bournemouth Council

The Media Relations Officer for Dorset’s LGBTQ Youth Group Space has issued an open invitation to Councillors in Bournemouth to meet with him and colleagues to end the long battle over the funding of a Bournemouth group.

In a Statement Ryan Cleminson the Head of Media Relations has said:

“We are openly inviting the councillors of Bournemouth Borough Council to meet with us to discuss their funding pledge so that we can start to operate a group in the town; our funding was cut many months ago now and despite conversations and e mails there seems to be nothing clear”.

We have groups in Ferndown, Poole, Christchurch, Weymouth, Shaftesbury but there is nothing in the Bournemouth and this worries me a lot, because there is little if any provision for young persons that are lgbtq.

We would like to invite council to talks about the idea of “fund matching”, It is quite a simple proposal where we set a target of what we think we can raise realistically and then the council award us with a sum of money matching what we have raised, for example if we raise twenty thousand pounds then the council would pledge to give us the same. It is an initiative that works extremely well in other areas of the region; We would plead to the council to look at the proposals.


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