Schools Out Conference Theme: Educating Out Prejudice Through The Lgbt Lens

This year’s Schools Out conference will focus on using education to counter prejudice. Dozens of teachers, students, policymakers and activists will gather at the Drill Hall theatre in London from 09:30 – 6:00 on Sat 4 Feb.

Participants will explore the Schools Out Classroom website and some of the free lesson plans it offers. There will be workshops to explore music and maths lessons in more depth.

Trans experts will explore how to challenge the concept of binary gender.

A speaker from Disability History Month will explore challenging disablism.

HMI and Ofsted will explore how we can use the curriculum to celebrate diversity.

Participants will see some of the films selected by the Rainbow Project – a European collaboration, of which Schools Out is the British partner, to provide schools with a DVD of the best films to raise LGBT issues with children of all ages.

Co-chair Tony Fenwick was excited about the films:
“We’ve found some great films that we’re sure children and young people will enjoy watching. Some of them are hilarious, some tear-jerking and some quite shocking. But we think school kids will find them a fascinating window into otherwise hidden lives.”

Co-chair Sue Sanders is looking forward to another successful conference:
“The way forward is now through the curriculum. The door is open and more and more schools are addressing LGBT issues just as they do other forms of diversity.

“Our Classroom website has some fantastic resources and ready-made lesson plans, to help schools raise the profile of LGBT people, culture and issues.

“Only by making it an everyday issue will schools eradicate the stigma around LGBT identities, that can lead to prejudice and bullying.”

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