Pucker up and Kiss Hate Goodbye!

Leading Manchester-based charity, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF), will be organizing a ‘kiss’ flashmob in Manchester City Centre on Saturday 18th May 1 – 2pm and are urging people to take part and ‘kiss hate goodbye’.

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) is marked every year around the world since 2005 and calls for respect for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGB&T) people worldwide. It marks the date that homosexuality was removed from the International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organisation on May 17th 1992.

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) will be marking the day in a number of ways including their ‘Flying the Flag’ initiative, which provides an opportunity to visibly mark IDAHO by flying a Rainbow Flag. They have teamed up with Gaydio to offer 100 listeners the chance to win a flag. There will also be a vigil held on Friday 17th May 7 – 8.30pm in Sackville Gardens, to pay tribute and respect to those who have suffered due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. More information at www.lgf.org.uk/flag.

On Saturday 18th May a community ‘Flash-mob’ event will be held in central Manchester. Inspired by The Great Global Kiss-In which took place on the weekend of IDAHO in 2010, The LGF are urging their supporters to unite against hate, intolerance, inequality and injustice in society by creating an atmosphere in which couples can show their love and affection for one another in a positive and powerful way.

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation’s Enough is Enough! ACTION against homophobia campaign is inviting everyone to show that love between people of the same gender is nothing to be afraid of.

Grahame Robertson, from The Lesbian & Gay Foundation comments “You don’t have to go for a full on snog, join us for hand holding, cheek pecking, hugging and any other (legal) display of same-sex affection. So get your lips lubed, your breath minty fresh and put this date in your diary! Follow the Twitter hashtag #KissH8 to find out what’s happening and send us in your pictures, videos and message of support”.

Supporters can also donate to the campaign by texting ‘KISS03’ and the amount to 70070. Grahame comments “Why not give depending on whether you decide to have a peck, snog or use tongues! We suggest £3 for a peck, £5 for a snog and £10 if you want to use tongues! Your support is much appreciated and monies raised will go towards supporting our work to tackle homophobia and end discrimination.”

Taking place after the flashmob, 2 – 4pm is ‘Are we Avenged yet? an event for lesbian and bisexual women to celebrate the women who fearlessly stood up for equal rights and visibility, and encourage women to speak out about the issues that matter today. For more information on this event email women@lgf.org.uk

For more information on Kiss Hate Goodbye and to be first to know when we announce the city centre location of the flashmob, visit www.lgf.org.uk/kiss; email enough@lgf.org.uk and follow the Twitter hashtag #KissH8


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