Prime Minister supports LGBT History Month

The Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a statement of support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month. The event is taking place throughout February and the theme for this year and next is sport.

Cameron praised the event for celebrating the LGBT community and highlighting areas of inequality:

“Events like this enrich our society and challenge us to think more about the world around us.”

He reaffirmed his support for the government’s current work on challenging homophobia and transphobia in sport:

“With London hosting the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 it is essential that more is done to help people participate equally and without fear.

“Work on this is currently being taken forward… with the aim that people participating in or watching sports feel safe and unacceptable behaviour is challenged.”

Co-chair Tony Fenwick was encouraged by this support from the very top:

“The new government was quick to launch its plans for LGBT equality and we’re delighted to hear the Prime Minister is still committed to this, especially in the light of recent media attacks on our work.”

Co-chair Sue Sanders spoke of the month’s ever-growing success and impact:

“Sport is a crucial area of national life where LGBT people are often still invisible. We have a record number of events on our calendar – at Many of them will encourage LGBT participation and openness in sports, as well as celebrating the many hidden heroines and heroes of sporting history.”


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