Pride in Brighton & Hove’s Financial Future secured

Pride in Brighton & Hove’s financial position has been secured as a result of successful fund raising events, cost-cutting measures and a short term bridging loan from Brighton and Hove City Council.

The on-going fund raising efforts have netted over £14,000, while cost-cutting measures saved around £11,000. A loan of £20,000 from Brighton and Hove City Council, along with a commitment to pay by one of last year’s sponsors, meant that the potential budget shortfall was successfully bridged by the end of last year.

Commenting, acting Pride Chair Robert Clothier said:

“With our financial position secured, any uncertainty about this year’s Pride that there may have been is now over. We are committed to working with our new production company, Fisher Productions, all our other contractors, local LGBT businesses and community groups to make this year’s Pride festival better than ever before.

“We have exciting plans for the Pride Parade and the main park event on Saturday 7th August, which will be announced very shortly.”

A Council spokesperson said:

“This short term bridging loan is support the restructure of the Pride event as they deliver their 18th Pride in 2010.”


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