Pride in Brighton & Hove: Support Your Pride Now to Secure 2011

Following what has been described as the best and most successful event ever, Pride in Brighton & Hove is asking for your help now to secure the event for 2011. Despite a year of highs and lows the Parade and Main Park event on Saturday 7th August had the highest attendance and saw lots of new activities for everyone to enjoy.

One of the new additions to the park this year was the Multi Faith area, Reverend Debbie Gaston commented: ‘Fantastic and a real joy, there was such a different feel at the park, it was so much safer with all the fencing and the community areas separate. What a lovely day, can’t wait for next year’.

However did you know…

* 160,000 people attended Pride in Brighton & Hove – more than ever before.

* Pride collected more donations on the day than ever before (£23,482.49)…but….

* …the average donation on the day was less than 20p per person.

* The event costs in excess of £250,000 – this is paid for through a combination of business support and individual giving.

* For Pride to continue and begin planning for another great event in 2011 more funds are needed.

* The power to shape Pride lies in everyone’s hands.

* £1 from everyone who attended will secure Pride for 2011.

* We know not everyone will respond to this call so please donate what you can afford to help Pride survive.

* Become a member to have your say on what should happen in 2011.

* Persuade your workplace or local pub to fundraise for Pride.

If you are an individual who enjoyed the Pride festivities and want to celebrate with us in 2011, or a business that benefited from Pride and want to benefit from Pride in 2011? Then donate now to secure the charity’s future.

In the following weeks Pride will be announcing a series of exciting fundraising events during September and October, under the title of ‘Name That Theme’ – community groups, venues and businesses will go head to head to decide what the 2011 Pride theme should be.

A Pride spokesperson said: “While many enjoy Pride as a free event, it costs more than £250,000 to stage. A lot of local businesses and individuals do support the charity all year round however, the truth is that there are many more businesses in the city that benefit enormously from the Pride festivities and yet contribute nothing towards to this fantastic event. We are asking these businesses to show their support to ensure Pride 2011 is even bigger and better”.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so immediately online at http://www.justgivin…onpride/donate/


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