Pride in Brighton & Hove Statement

As 2010 draws to a close the Pride team would like to thank all those that have supported the charity this year. The range of activities and events delivered would not be possible without the continuing support of members, volunteers and the wider public. In addition to this, the continuing support of Brighton & Hove City Council, statutory services and contractors contributed to the success of the Parade and Park event. The Summer Festival that accompanied this year’s Park event was a success as a result of the hard work and support of local LGBT businesses and voluntary groups – thank-you.

Looking forward to 2011 the challenge remains to build on this year and address the concerns of all stakeholders to deliver a safe, affordable and enjoyable Parade and Park event, together with a range of events and activities that highlight the LGBT community throughout the year.

The Pride team’s short-term goals include;

* Contact the individuals that have requested information about becoming a Trustee of Pride

* Continue budget planning with contractors to design the 2011 Parade and Park event

* Further develop work begun with statutory services on how to ensure a safe and managed Park event

* Confirm the best model for the Park event that ensures it is affordable and maximises fundraising for the voluntary sector

* Engage with the 55+ LGBT groups that took part in 2010 to involve them in Winter Pride in March and begin to plan their involvement in the 2011 Park event

The Pride team are aware that there remain some individuals and groups that feel the Park event should be delivered in a different way, not through a registered charity. The Trustees remain convinced that a registered charity with existing relationships with the Council, statutory services, sponsors, contractors, members, volunteers and local businesses and community groups is the best vehicle for planning and delivering a successful Parade and Park event. A charitable organisation operates on a ‘not-for-profit’ approach, enables individuals to become members to have their say on the organisation and works to enable all sections of the local community are fairly represented, regardless of their commercial size or power.

The team recognise that new ideas are always good to improve how Pride serves the community and for this reason communication is ongoing; furthermore Pride looks forward to working alongside those with alternative ideas to ensure the best outcome for all those who value Pride as a major event for Brighton & Hove.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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