Police Didn’t Believe Gay Murder Confession

Rodney Greenland confessed to killing a gay man to family, friends, police and a doctor but was not initially believed because there was no sign of a body, a court has heard.

He told them that he had killed someone and that when the police found the body he would hand himself in, said Mr Jackson. He also said that he didn’t feel any remorse for what he had done. Greenland said the victim had “touched him in the wrong place” and he had stabbed him twice in the chest with a knife from the kitchen. When officers went to Greenland’s flat in the early hours of the morning they found him drunk, slumped by his front door.

Simon Amers, 36, was stabbed to death at his home in Ipswich, on 27 July. His puppy was waiting near the body, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Greenland also from Ipswich, admits manslaughter, but denies murder. After his arrest Mr Greenland told detectives he had been “abused at a boarding school” as a boy and “flipped” when Mr Amers “touched him”.

The trial continues.


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