Plaid Cymru Launch LGBT Group

Plaid Cymru this weekend launched a new affiliate organisation PlaidPride which will be the party’s new group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people.

The aim of the group is to Spread Plaid Cymru’s message to the LGBT community; reach out to LGBT party members and to continue to ensure that Plaid Cymru policies address the needs of LGBT people across all parts of Wales.

Plaid has a strong record on supporting Gay Rights. The Party voted in favour of the equalisation of the age of consent. Voted in favour of civil partnerships, of adoption rights for Lesbian and Gay couples, and voted for the repeal of section 28. Plaid Cymru is also an organisation where Gay and Lesbian men and women, play a full and active role in the party, at all levels.

PlaidPride’s Carl Harris commented, “Plaid has always had a warm welcome for everyone, in Wales. With no exceptions. It’s about time people’s perceptions caught up with the reality. Unfortunately there are many who have the wrong perception of Plaid and part of this group’s remit will be to change that. Labour is a spent force and the Conservatives may have changed their clothes, but their record, even recently, shows clearly that they are the last people to be trusted when it comes to the rights of Gay and Lesbian people. Plaid is now the only true progressive force in Welsh politics, and we have a record to be proud of.”

Plaid Cymru AM Bethan Jenkins attended the launch of PlaidPride and commented, “I am very pleased that we have taken the step of launching PlaidPride so that we can get our message across to more people. Some people still have an image of Plaid as a traditional party only for those who come from rural and Welsh speaking Wales, but that has never been the case. We are a party for everyone and PlaidPride will help us to communicate with a segment of the population who have had limited contact with Plaid Cymru in the past.”

“Plaid’s record on LGBT rights is the equal of any other party in the UK. Plaid MPs voted in favour of the equal age of consent, voted in favour of civil partnerships and voted for the repeal of section 28. We are a progressive party that has always believed in equal rights for everyone what ever their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Unlike David Cameron’s Conservatives we have always been committed to Gay Rights and we are proud of our record.”


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