Nottinghamshire town appoints openly-gay Mayor

The town of Retford in Nottinghamshire will appoint openly-gay councillor, Ian Campbell, to the position of Mayor on 2 June. He will become the youngest person in the country to hold the title.

23-year-old Campbell was elected to Bassetlaw District Council at the polls in May, beating his rival Chris Hollands by just 15 votes.

Campbell said he was shocked and delighted to be nominated for the position of Mayor saying: “I worked really hard to get elected and I made the commitment to my voters that they would see and hear from me everywhere.”

“I had no idea that I would be able to deliver this promise so quickly and easily. I am really looking forward to my year as Mayor and hope to serve the town to the best of my ability”.

In 2009, Campbell was also awarded the Nottinghamshire Young Person of the Year award for his work with young people in the Nottinghamshire area, having helped to set up a number of support groups for young people who are gay or lesbian.


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