New nominating festivals for Iris Prize

Organisers of the Iris Prize Festival have confirmed that Roze Filmdagen in The Netherlands and Queer Lisboa in Portugal are the latest addition to the Iris Prize family. The festivals join the global network of 18 gay and lesbian film festivals who nominate a short film to compete for the Iris Prize, the world’s largest gay and lesbian short film prize supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation.

“I’m delighted that we have two new nominating festivals joining the Iris Family. These festivals have a wonderful reputation for having their finger on the pulse of film making talent in their respective countries. Their addition to our network gives us a strong base in Europe,” said Iris Prize Chair Andrew Pierce.

“As we look forward we are keen to make sure that Iris is represented wherever LGBT film making takes place. This is why we are looking for one more partner festival to join us in 2013. We are interested to start a dialogue with festivals from countries beyond Europe and North America, where I think we are well represented. Interested parties should contact Iris HQ before the end of June 2013 to express an interest in becoming a partner festival,” added Andrew.

Responding to news of their new roles as nominating festivals, Queer Lisboa and Roze Filmdagen commented:

“I am very pleased that our festival in Portugal is joining the Iris family. Queer Lisboa was established in 1997 and has been offering lesbian and gay films to our growing audience for almost 17 years. We are excited to be in a position to nominate a short film for the Iris Prize,” said Ana David, Queer Lisboa Director.

“As the primary GLBT film festival in Amsterdam we are delighted to be joining the Iris Prize. Through our extensive links with the (short) filmmaking community we feel well placed to be one of the nominating festivals for Iris making sure that the Iris Prize continues to represent the best of the best each year,” said Festival Director Werner Borkes.

The Iris Prize continues to be the world’s largest gay and lesbian short film prize valued at £25,000 and will be presented for the seventh time during the Iris Prize Festival, which takes place in Cardiff, Wales (UK) from 9 – 13 October 2013.


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