New International Theatre Partnership for International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

The award winning Inbrook, with offices in New York, UK, and Australia, and 135 productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to its credit, signed an agreement with the IDGTF, giving Inbrook access to the extensive theatre catalogue of over 1,000 plays assessed by the Festival since its inception.

“We grew our association with the IDGTF through the Edinburgh Festival and watched this event grow into the biggest and the best of its kind in the world”, said Inbrook Managing Director Calvyn Winter. “Over a thousand plays have been read and reviewed as part of the submission process for the Dublin Festival and after many visits, we are satisfied that the programme is of such high standard. Great potential exists for some of the best productions to be selected and toured for Dublin throughout the years.”

Brian Merriman, IDGTF Founder and Artistic Director, stated, “This exciting partnership allows the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival to expand further opportunities to showcase gay theatre developed in Dublin, worldwide. Calvyn Winter and his team understand and embrace diversity, working tirelessly to create and develop new opportunities for theatre to be seen in the USA and Australia. We are very pleased to associate our extensive catalogue with this reputable production company.”

“Edinburgh has been a great catalyst for cooperation. The fact that the dramaturg and artistic programming work of the IDGTF will now be a base for gay related theatre to tour worldwide, is a thrilling development. When we founded our unique theatrical endeavour in 2004, we never thought that the standard of new Irish writing would be nurtured in the Festival and create touring opportunities for unimaginable new Irish gay plays,”added Brian Merriman.

“The dynamics in this important Dublin theatre event have created new opportunities for diverse international artists to showcase new voices in gay theatre. This work is comparable to our own work ethic. The skill set that Inbrook brings to this project will ensure that the impact of the Irish festival will be felt by international audiences as we tour the best of the selected programmes over the years,” added Calvyn Winter.

“Both organisations agree that this evolving relationship, should now be formalised to further enhance the opportunities to diversify performance opportunities for good gay theatre. The agreement was formalised at the Edinburgh Festival in August and announced today.

The combination of the artistic direction of the Dublin event with the vast touring experience of Inbrook, will create new outlets for the theatrical voices premiering in Dublin and worldwide. We begin our creative partnership with the shared ambition to present works by gay authors, or works that have a gay character, theme or relevance like masculinity, feminism and gender identity to a much wider audience. Official selection by the IDGTF will automatically bring new works to the attention of Inbrook and our new touring partnership. “We are confident it will complement the ethos and theatrical opportunity for drama, comedy, music and dance companies, created and shared by both events,” confirmed by both men in a joint announcement today.


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