New Gay Urban Romance Film Rejects Tired Uk Film Stereotypes

A new gay urban romance film is set to become one of the highlights of this year’s
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (LLGFF) with its unique take on the lives of young Lesbian and Gay London and the influences of black street culture on that scene.

‘Stud Life’ is the debut narrative feature written and directed by multi-award winning filmmaker CampbellX. The film receives its UK premiere at the 26th BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film festival at the Southbank in March.

‘Stud Life’ is a rare look at a slice of British urban life, which pays homage to Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ and the self-documenting style of Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies and Videotape, tells an amusing tale of multi-cultural LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) street life in London.

The film is a young, sexy, and cool with love and friendship for the YouTube generation at its heart. JJ (T’Nia Miller) a wedding photographer is tight with her best friend a white gay man Seb (Kyle Treslove) until she falls in love with the beautiful Elle (Robyn Kerr). JJ then has to choose between her new hot lover and old best mate. The film’s featured tag line is “Who did you wake up with today? Your lover or your best friend?”

‘Stud Life’ takes the viewer on a journey of discovery through the LGBT scene where gender is up for grabs but desire follows very strict rules. JJ and Seb inhabit a world where white LGBT people fuse with Black street culture, rejecting the mainstream G.A.Y world. CampbellX’s directorial debut, produced by Stella Nwimo and co-produced by Nadya Kassam and Lulu Belliveau, was made possible with the financial support of friends and crowd funding.

Filmed entirely on location in London, ‘Stud Life’ also boasts a memorable sound track combining Jamaican dancehall and underground British hip hop, rap and pop.

Nwimo comments: “This is a heart-warming feel good urban romance, showing the lives and loves of people not often seen in British cinema.”

“Nothing prepares you for the obstacles and challenges of making a feature film,” declares CampbellX, “Hopefully ‘Stud Life’ will entertain as well as demystify some of the stereotypes surrounding the dynamic of Lesbian and Gay relationships and illustrate the often overlooked importance of friendships.”


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