NAT Celebrates 25th Birthday on 9 October with Short Film and New Sparkly Red Ribbon

To celebrate this important day, NAT is launching two exciting and commemorative initiatives:

Short film: 25 years of NAT – HIV in the past, present and future
NAT has recorded a short film which looks at how the HIV epidemic has changed over the past quarter of a century and how NAT has made a difference to the lives of people living with HIV.

The film features NAT’s Chief Executive, Deborah Jack, Lord Norman Fowler who was Secretary of State for Health in the eighties, and a number of people living with HIV who share their experiences and explain why NAT matters to them.

The video can be viewed here and is available for imbedding on your website.

Celebratory 25th birthday red ribbon now on sale
Building on the sell-out success of last year’s limited edition sparkly red ribbon, NAT has created a one-off ‘silver’ anniversary red ribbon brooch. The stylish red ribbon jewellery piece features a single silver sparkly gem to signify 25 years of tackling HIV in the UK. This beautiful brooch is designed to be a long-lasting symbol of all that has been achieved over the last 25 years whilst also reminding us of the need for awareness and support in the future.

The brooch can be purchased for £15.99 or £17.99 including a gift box, by visiting http://www.worldaids…ibbon.php. All proceeds go towards NAT’s vital work – Shaping attitudes. Challenging injustice. Changing lives.

Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of NAT (National AIDS Trust), comments:

‘We are delighted to be celebrating NAT’s 25th birthday. The past few decades have seen immense change and there is much to be proud of in terms of the UK’s response to HIV. However, important challenges still remain – such as the number of people who remain undiagnosed, and stigma and discrimination – so our HIV policy and campaigning work remains vital in ensuring people living with HIV are diagnosed early, and treated fairly and with respect and justice.

‘We hope this short films sheds some light into just how different things are today compared to 25 years ago and the experiences of people living with HIV are able to explain why our work is so important.

‘Our one-off 25th birthday red ribbon brooch is a beautiful piece of jewellery which celebrates the achievements of NAT whilst raising awareness and support for HIV positive people. We hope it will be worn with pride!’


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