More hours. More Services. More Cara

The Cara Trust, one of the UK’s leading HIV charities, has been focusing on improving the lives of people living with the virus for over 22 years. Since its creation back in 1988, Cara has continued to target its resources at those most affected by poverty, isolation and ill-health; even in 2010 HIV remains a condition surrounded by misconception, stigma and discrimination, so Cara continues as a safe haven for those most affected.

Based in Ladbroke Grove, Cara offers a wide range of free treatments and services ranging from yoga, belly dancing and reiki to counselling and small grant support to name but a few.
The number of people supported by The Cara Trust has grown by 44% between 2008 and 2009 alone and continues to grow higher due to the ethos of friendship and community that has now become synonymous with Cara and the main driver behind their success.

To meet this growing demand The Cara Trust has decided to open its doors further every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month as of July 2010. In addition to their existing list of social welfare and life improvement services Cara will also be introducing some new and very exciting services during their new weekend hours to include Life Coaching, Reflexology and Cranio-sacral therapy; all provided by our fantastic, highly skilled volunteers.

Chris Woolls, Director at The Cara Trust, says “this is another important milestone for the organisation and if these new services and hours are of benefit to our users then we will aim to introduce yet more of them in the near future. Just try to imagine how frustrating it must be for the person with HIV who holds down a job, desperately needs a little help because no-one else knows about their HIV, and yet all the support services close at 5pm Friday and re-open 9am Monday”.

To find out more information, join their mailing list or to simply book yourself an appointment on any of their services please email them on or call Chris on 020 7243 6147.


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