Mayoral Candidate Jenny Jones Pledges Support For London Gay Games

Jenny Jones, the Green Party’s candidate for Mayor of London, has pledged her support today for London’s bid to host the Gay Games in 2018.

Jenny Jones said:

“I’m very happy to support the bid for the Gay Games to come to London in 2018. We can be proud of London’s role in furthering equality
within our city and around the world. Civil partnerships were raised by our London Assembly Member Darren Johnson back at the first ever Mayor’s Question Time in 2000, and by electing more Green Assembly members in May, we can do even more to fight for equality, safety and tolerance next term.

“As a party, Greens are commited to changing the culture of sport to eliminate the homophobia that is so tragically present in many
disciplines. Sexuality has no relevance to sporting prowess and we look forward to a time when sportspeople can be totally open about
their lives without the fear of repercussions from spectators, fans, teammates or the authorities.”

Jonathan Harbourne, co-chair of the bid, said “I’m delighted that all four main candidates have spoken so positively about the idea of having the Games in London, and with only eight months to go to complete our bid book, its getting to a really exciting stage in our endeavours. Its also great to have a project that brings together all the LGBT sports clubs in London for a really worth-while project. My plan is to make this Gay Games the most truly diverse and inclusive Games ever – and now we have a challenge to make it the greenest Games ever!”


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