Major New Gay Venue Opens in London

Bringing new life to an old venue, a major refit has left the space brand spanking new. New sound system, new air conditioning and new decor have been brought in to revitalise a location which is part of London’s gay heritage. A new age is upon us.

With the help of two of London’s coolest artists, Manbar has created imagery set to be iconic with its look while also a throwback to classic gay artwork of yesteryear. Internationally renowned artist Mikesbliss has painstakingly created dozens of images that adorn the interior walls of Manbar over three floors.

To create a strong advertising campaign Manbar has enlisted visual artist Nik Pate. For Manbar he has created an iconic logo of a muscle man silhouette showing off his biceps featuring a simple macho anchor tattoo.

The soundtrack to Soho’s newest bar will be mainstream, commercial dance with London’s best DJs doing residencies including Alessandro Londra, Tony English, Brent Nicholls, Rich B, DJ Minx and Pier Morocco.

When it comes to customer service, Manbar will not be outdone. Table service is standard and Manbar operates a free cloakroom service to everyone. It is also noteworthy that Manbar will have free WiFi access available.

Soho has not had a major gay bar opening for many years and the scene is desperate for something new – now their prayers have been answered.


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