Lloyds TSB tops Stonewall’s 2009 list of gay-friendly employers

Staff satisfaction levels highest at top ranking organisations

Biggest ever survey of gay employees

Stonewall today publishes its Top 100 Employers 2009, showcasing Britain’s best employers for gay staff.

It names Lloyds TSB as the best place to work in 2009 for lesbian and gay people. In second place is Hampshire Constabulary and Brighton & Hove City Council comes third.

The Home Office wins the award for Employee Network Group of the Year and law firm Simmons & Simmons is named Most Improved Employer.

The Index is based on a range of key indicators which this year included the largest ever survey of lesbian and gay employees, with almost 7,000 participants. This consistently revealed staff satisfaction levels were highest at the top ranking organisations in the Index. Gay staff working at the top 25 workplaces reported a satisfaction level almost 10 per cent higher than workplaces outside the top 100. Staff were also more likely to disclose their sexual orientation in monitoring exercises at the highest ranking organisations.

Lloyds TSB was the Most Improved Employer in Stonewall’s 2007 Index and ranked in the top 10 gay-friendly employers last year. Their journey and progress reflects how effective a proactive diversity strategy can be when implemented.

‘This was our most competitive index to date,’ says Ben Summerskill, Stonewall Chief Executive. ‘We received more entries than ever before from employers who have taken heed of recent Stonewall research which found that gay people are far more likely to buy goods or services from companies they know are gay-friendly. The Index is a powerful tool used by Britain’s 1.7 million gay employees and 150,000 gay university students to decide where to take their talent and skills.’

Eric Daniels, Group Chief Executive at Lloyds TSB says: ‘Sexual orientation has been a key diversity priority for Lloyds TSB for a number of years and this accolade is testament to our progress and commitment to this agenda. Our recent research with LGB staff confirmed that our internal culture has improved since the introduction of our sexual orientation strategy and that most LGB staff also feel comfortable about being out in our workplace I also believe that with first place in Stonewall Top 100 Employers comes a responsibility. Lloyds TSB is in a position to help influence the LGB equality agenda nationally and so we look forward keenly to continuing our relationship with Stonewall.’

Sir David Normington, Permanent Secretary to the Home Office, says: ‘This is a tremendous achievement and reflects SPECTRUM’s hard work and dedication. Everyone has worked tirelessly with friends, members and diversity champions to surpass objectives covering training and development, stakeholder engagement, policy and staff welfare.’

David Dickinson, Senior Partner at Simmons & Simmons, says: ‘It is recognition of our hard work and the importance that Simmons & Simmons has attached to LGBT issues that not only have we been listed in the Stonewall Top 100 Employers for the first time, but also named the most improved employer. The Index has been invaluable in highlighting areas in which we can improve, and has provided us with guidance in all areas of diversity. We are proud to be recognised as a supportive and inclusive workplace and commit to further building upon our success.

‘In the credit crunch, shrewd employers know it makes good business sense not to cut back on robust diversity initiatives,’ says David Shields, Stonewall’s Director of Workplace Programmes. ‘Stonewall research proves that gay people perform much better at work when they can be themselves. This is a time when staff performance is crucial to employers weathering financial difficulties, which is no doubt why the Index was at its most competitive this year.’


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