Livingstone “riddled” With Hypocrisy?

As supporters of Ken Livingstone’s campaign to be elected Mayor of London gathered at London’s most exclusive gay club for a fundraising event, LGBTory, the Conservative Party’s LGBT group, is urging Londoner’s to examine his record closely.

After a disastrous campaign which has seen him claim that the Tory Party was “riddled with” people “indulging in” homosexuality, supporters of Ken Livingstone scaled back their ‘LGBT London 4 Ken’ event from a lavish dinner at The Grand Connaught Rooms with tables costing up to £2,500 to a more modest £10-a-head drinks event in Soho. LGBTory handed out a leaflet at the event to remind Londoners why Ken Livingstone is no friend, and to make his hypocrisy clear.

LGBTory reminds Londoners that Ken Livingstone earned thousands of pounds working for Iranian state TV channel Press TV, putting him on the payroll of an oppressive regime that punishes homosexuality with the death penalty

LGBTory reminds Londoners that Ken Livingstone continues to endorse and defend banner cleric Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradarwi who advocates female genital mutilation and the killing of lesbians and gays

LGBTory reminds Londoners that Ken Livingstone refused to condemn his close friend Tower Hamlet’s Mayor Lutfur Rahman whose friends and supporters repeatedly and openly abuse gay councillor at official meetings.

Matthew Sephton, Chairman of LGBTory commented:

“Ken Livingstone makes a great show of supporting LGBT issues but associates himself with hate-preachers, oppressive regimes and those who refuse to tackle homophobia. He treats LGBT Londoners as just another voting block who are wooed when he needs them, and dismissed and offended when he needs someone else’s vote more.

Whatever Ken Livingstone truly believes he has proven he is no friend of LGBT Londoners.”


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