LGBT Youth in Cash Crisis

A gay support group is facing a string of cutbacks after council bosses slashed their funding. Officials at the Dumfries-based Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender organisation are now looking at staff redundancies and limitations to services.

The cash problem stems from a council meeting last month where the group received £32,4456 of local authority funding for 2009/10 compared to around £80,000 the year before.

The reduction is mainly due to the removal of Scottish Government ring-fencing on minority funding awards – meaning the council doesn’t have to spend it.
LGBT Dumfries and Galloway services manager Grace Cardozo said they now face an uncertain future.

She said: “We are running in the red this year.

“I have dramatic funding decisions to make to meet the demand for the level of service.

“One post has already been re-graded and another post has been discontinued.
“We have also cut our session hours.

“There will have to be a good deal of rationalisation to find savings in the region of £40,000.

“The work we do here has been recognised as nationally significant; the communities minister Stewart Maxwell recently visited it because he wanted to see for himself the work that we do.

“What we do is fairly unique in Dumfries and Galloway and is usually only on offer in big cities.”

She added: “We will look at charitable trusts for funding and continue to lobby the NHS and the council for support.”


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