LGBT Christians Raise Their Profile at Pride

Every year hundreds of LGBT Christians from different groups march in the Pride parade through London streets. And every year they are either ignored or ridiculed.

Many LGBT people have a deep faith and desire to express their spirituality in spite of the anti-homosexuality rhetoric of fundamentalist Christians.

This year the various LGBT Christian groups that meet in London have come together to organise a united presence in the parade, staff a stall in the communities section and hold a service of celebration in St Martin-in-the-Fields Church.

Rev Sharon Ferguson, Chief Executive of LGCM and Senior Pastor at MCC North London initiated this collaboration and commented, ‘From the start the main emphasis from all the groups involved has been to get the message across to the LGBT community that it is possible to be both LGBT and Christian. We are proud of our faith and our sexual orientation/gender identity and we want the world to know that. Much of the time when homosexuality is linked to faith in the media it is from a negative perspective – this must change. God’s love is for us all.’

To find out more then stop and speak to someone wearing a purple T shirt saying ‘Christian and Proud’ on Saturday or go to


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