LGBT awareness tackled by e-learning

The UK’s leading online training provider Virtual College has collaborated with Bradford College to help raise awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) issues in the workplace.

Despite equality and diversity being a mandatory part of many businesses introductory training, there is still an element of ignorance and misunderstanding when it comes to awareness of specific areas, particularly laws surrounding Transgender work colleagues. One of the primary aims of the module is to help people understand that while LGB & T people may face similar issues of prejudice and discrimination, there is a difference between sexuality and gender identity. Christian McGrath from Bradford College co-ordinated the project, saying “We (Bradford College) developed the LGBT module in response to requests for LGBT training. Owing to the size of the organisation, it was decided it would be more cost effective to develop a module in partnership with Virtual College. E-learning has proven to be successful at Bradford College as staff can access training at work as well as home, which is particularly helpful for our colleagues who work part-time”.

The training has been implemented at Bradford College for several months now, and take up has been well received with almost 1,000 current staff having completed the module.

“All new members of staff have to complete the training within the first 2 months of employment and the rest of the staff have been working through the module since its release. We have had very positive feedback from the module with particular regard to how the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans staff can be affected not only by policies and procedure within organisations but in the wider society”.

Following the success of the training within Bradford College they have now made the course available to organisations in the public and private sector; the aim being to help create tolerant learning and working environments free from prejudice and discrimination.

The online LGBT awareness training is available from http://www.virtual-c…-awareness.aspx and discounts are available for bulk purchasing. The Course is SCORM compliant to integrate with compatible Learning Management Systems. For more information, or to request a full demo, please contact Ben Brady on 01943 605976 or email


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