Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people demand safer public spaces

Outcomes from the day will feed into the London Mayor’s strategy for children and young people.

An ‘Expert Think Tank’ on the day will showcase the key priorities for LGBT young people, identified in a series of workshops and activities leading up to the event, including:

The need for safe public spaces for LGBT people in London to meet and express themselves without fear of bullying or attack

More policing and CCTV to protect them against homophobic attacks

Better sex education and open discussion of LGBT lifestyles in schools and other mainstream services.

The day will include:

LGBT Community Fair (12.30-2.30) – an opportunity to meet with LGBT community organisations who will setup information stalls at the event
Expert Think Tank (2.30-6pm) – an afternoon feedback session will involve speakers and presentations, speed consultation (based on the ‘speed dating’ concept), and a showcase of work undertaken in the lead up to the event including drama, music, dance and poetry
Other consultations will include a Diary Room where participants can record a short video message, a Graffiti Wall, badge making and art collage
A week in the life exhibition: leading up to the event 8 young people will record a week in their life in a journal and through photography, which will be displayed on the day
The LGBT Youth Prom Night (7pm on), based on the High School Prom, will feature acts including Q-boy, The Pink Singers, Scottee of Yr Mum Ya Da fame and Amy Lame, who will be crowning the Prom King and Queen.
Chris Smith MP, in support of the event said: “Too often the political system ignores the voices and needs of young people – and this is redoubled as far as LGBT young people are concerned. So I hope you will use this opportunity to celebrate, to raise your voices, and to be proud and confident. Good luck!”

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London said: “I welcome the opportunity to support ‘Moving on up 2005’. I believe it is essential that young Londoners have a voice in decisions that are made about their city. Events like ‘Moving on up’ provide an excellent opportunity to hear more from young people about their experience of growing up in London. I particularly value this opportunity to hear from young lesbian and gay people about their experiences.

“I am proud that London is a city that tolerates diversity and celebrates its lesbian and gay heritage and culture but we cannot be complacent and there is still a long way to go.”

David Lau, Chair of the EDYP LGBT Steering Group said: “Moving On Up has grown into a major event for LGBT Young People in London. This year I am happy to see that LGBT young people will have the chance to express themselves and their opinions to the Mayor of London using a variety of media to ensure that their voices are heard.”

Young people interested in joining the event should contact Gareth Davies at Terrence Higgins Trust on 020 7816 4751 or visit www.movingonup.org.uk.

For more information please contact the Terrence Higgins Trust Press Office on 020 7816 8622.


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