Lesbian friends go to school prom by Rainbow

Two Year 11 girls from Milton Keynes will arrive in style at their school prom on Thursday.
Amy Stimpson and her friend Topaz Sattaur had read news stories of same sex couples being banned from high school proms in America, but their school, Shenley Brook End, has been really supportive.

Amy also attends Q:alliance, a local support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. The group is providing the girls with a ‘carriage to the ball’ with a difference, in the form of Rainbow – ‘the biggest, gayest bus in the world’. Rainbow is sponsored by local nightclub Pink Punters and used for community work.

Rainbow will take the girls for photos at Bletchley Park, the secret intelligence base where gay mathematician Alan Turing cracked the Nazis’ secret Enigma code – saving millions of lives. They will then be treated to a meal in town, before arriving in style at their school prom.

Amy explained how the idea came about:
“Prom was coming up and I didn’t like the idea of a limo and wanted to do something meaningful. I hope this inspires other teenagers to do the same in their schools.”

Topaz was excited about the event:
“I’m really glad the school is happy for Rainbow to take us to our prom. It’s an amazing opportunity I’ll remember all my life. Everyone is so supportive, it’s great!”

John Goss, chair of Q:alliance, commented:
“We’re really proud of Amy. She helps run our youth group. We want to give the girls a night to remember!”

Tony Fenwick, co-chair of Schools Out, paid tribute to the girls and their school:
“It’s wonderful to see such a positive story for a change. Amy and Topaz are an inspiration to us all, and hats off to their school for supporting them.
“I look forward to the day when same sex couples in every school feel safe and supported enough to go to their prom with pride.”


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