Lesbian and gay youth group takes over the airwaves in Grampian

Y@THT, a Terrence Higgins Trust group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people will be taking over the airwaves at Shmu FM every Sunday morning from 11am – 1pm in its own radio show. The live show, called Aberdabbadoo will be aired first this Sunday, the 16th.

Aberdabbadoo will be produced and presented by a team of leaders and young people from Y@THT and is a new approach to outreach work. The programme will target other young LGBT people with information on the advice and support that’s out there. There will also be chat about LGBT issues that arise during the week, discussion on hot topics, regular guest slots and music.

Alan Parker, Senior Worker at THT in Aberdeen said “Everyone at Y@THT is so excited about this. As far as we know, an LGBT youth group with its own weekly radio show is a first in Scotland so we can’t wait to get started. The show will be fun, lively and informative. It will also show a lot of LGBT people out there that they’re not alone.”

Y@THT will be inviting special guests from across the community to get involved in the show. Kenny McGeough, Community Relations Sergeant from the Grampian Police Force, will be one guest, appearing on the show each month with news and updates on his work.

For further information on the new radio show, please contact Alan Parker at Terrence Higgins Trust in Aberdeen on 0845 241 2151.


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